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  • New GIS blog on the block: blog is by Barry Hunter, who maintains this repository of mapping tools, some of them focussed on the UK. He’s been experimenting with 3D polygons in Google Earth as a way of depicting data. For example, a visualization of the density of images taken for Geograph, the project that aims to have a picture online for every square kilometer of the British Isles.
  • India & Google Earth watch, biased question edition:

    When asked whether the government was doing something to ban organisations that were taking high resolution pictures of the country’s secured areas, [Minister of State in the PMO Prithviraj Chauhan] said the question should be addressed to the defence ministry.

  • Both Tagzania and Mikel Maron at Brain Off are making positive noises about Geonames, a new, free and collaboration-friendly aggregator of geographical reference name sources. Geonames also seems to be embracing another emerging standard, GeoRSS. (I need to investigate further and report back. Has anyone seen a tool that serves GeoRSS feeds as KML accessible via a network link? The two shouldn’t be more than an XSL transformation apart, right? A native GeoRSS reader inside Google Earth would be ideal.) The Gombe Chimp blog comes to mind as an excellent candidate to benefit from serving its content as GeoRSS.

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  1. Is that GeoRSS specifically? I’ll try to look into it more this weekend.

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