Shorts: geocards, on meta-reporting, GeoRuby, NASA open source…

Not exactly a slow news week this week, what with Google Mars, Google SketchUp and Bentley MicroStation getting KML savvy. Playing catch-up:

  • Get Google Earth calling cards, made in Switzerland (via Google Earth Blog).
  • Bad Astronomy blog points to a list of NASA open source software. World Wind is but one horse in a large stable.
  • Adena Schutzberg meta-reports on Bentley’s briefing to reporters. She also notes there is a KML exporter for competitor AutoDesk’s AutoCAD, Earth Connector.
  • Valleywag alludes to “drama” and layoffs surrounding the SketchUp purchase, but writes “I’m gonna need some corroboration before I run it.” Excuse me Valleywag, but you just have. That’s not meta-reporting, that’s reporting.
  • Trawling through Ogle Earth’s comments now: Ruby programmers who enjoy GIS should know about GeoRuby. (Thanks, Barry)
  • Another sightseeing site: Google Earth Cool Places. (It will be interesting to see if any of these sites manages to differentiate themselves.)
  • Two weeks ago Ogle Earth blogged archtecture magazine Domus introducing placemarks pinpointing buildings covered in the magazine, but wished there were actual models included of the buildings in the issue. ZNO to the rescue! Aurland Lookout, Norway; Mikimoto store, Tokyo. Really nice.


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  1. there’s also the Rugyong Hotel

    yesterday .. Sir Foster unveiled europe’s tallest tower in Moscow 600m high!!.. Google Earth model on its way .. donations welcome.

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