Shorts: Craters, missiles, KML Home Companion, KMLer

  • ThinkLemon has made an updated KMZ file of suspected Earth impact structures, made from the the Impact Field Studies Group’s database, brought up to date just his month. (Is it me, or does Sweden seem particularly prone to being rained on from outer space?)
  • Google Earth Hacks has a great KMZ file pinpointing hundreds of US missile silos and weapons depots. Where placemarks are located on top of high resolution imagery, you notice that most of these locations seem to be abandoned remnants from the cold war. Still, very interesting to see how they are dispersed geographically. (Now we just need the ones for China, Russia, India, Pakistan, France, UK and Israel. Anyone?)
  • KML Home Companion, Jim Cser’s free ArcMap extension that lets GIS pros output KML files, is now up to version 3.1, This latest update gives you a precision boost and better categories. It’s available here.
  • Some versions of Valery’s KMLer application, an ArcGIS 9 extension that lets you both export and import KML, just got more affordable. Writes Valery: “Old Price: Standard / Plus / Pro – USD 20 / 50 / 100

    New Price: Standard / Plus / Pro – USD 20 / 35 / 50 Buy it.” (Prices aren’t updated yet on KMLer’s home page.)