More dataset changes for Google Earth

From Google Earth’s official bulletin board:

March 31: We have added a very recent 3″/pixel inset for Las Vegas (March, 2006). In addition:

added/restored Koh Tao and several other islands in Thailand

removed black seam in Massachusetts

minor changes in Munich

minor changes in Mumbai and Chandigarh

[Update 18:41 UTC. Following a tip-off from Jim in the comments, some eyecandy from the truly amazing resolution for Las Vegas:


4 thoughts on “More dataset changes for Google Earth”

  1. The Las Vegas imagery is astonishing. I don’t know how to send you a KML link, but in the middle of the golf course in the middle of the town you can see the shadow of a golfer standing beside a cart – it’s so clear you can even make out the shadow of his club.

  2. These dolphins in Las Vegas… Do you know lat and lon? With the new imagery of Google Local now available thru the official API, many striking vistas until now reserved to Google Earth or Google Local itself, now appear at mashups that update to the v2 of the API.

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