Monday morning reading

  • CadalystAEC polls industry insiders as to what’s in store for SketchUp and Google Earth. It’s an interesting read.
  • Arab News has a balanced article about Google Earth, security and privacy. The main focus is on privacy, with some interesting local color, and all viewpoints are represented. In fact, it is Google that comes out with a rather weak defence:

    Eileen Rodriguez with Google Corporate Communications, told Arab News: “We have not received a request to decrease the resolution of imagery of Saudi Arabia. […]”

    Surely that’s not relevant?

  • DIY aerial photography (via The Daily Flog)
  • The Daily Graze notes a neologism coined at a Game Developers’ Conference roundtable last week: “M3S”, which stands for “Massive Multi-player MySpace”, such as Second Life, and which will be populated with SketchUp content, of course. (Aside: What are new acronyms called? neocronyms?)