Linkage: Victorian London, even older crater

  • Lee Jackson’s has a wondeful KMZ file up listing many of London’s historical spots, with links to mentions in contemporary texts. This should enliven both history class and English class.
  • Google Earth Blog marks the spot of a major new crater found in the Sahara using Satellite imagery. The thing is, it’s so clearly a crater, I wonder if scientists haven’t come across it in the past but moved on, thinking it must already have been discovered.

    If not, we should all make ThinkLemon’s network link of known craters a fixture in Google Earth, in case we come across something improbably large and round, so we can claim it. (For example, the Africa crater database lists a smaller crater just a little to the west of it. How could anyone miss the bigger one??)

One thought on “Linkage: Victorian London, even older crater”

  1. No I idea why anyone missed that one. I’m seeing circular features all over the place, but missed it myself. Damn… Though I’m not sure what to think of that large ‘arc’ in Somalia. :-)

    If I may make a suggestion. Not only check with the known craters, but check the SEIS (Suspected Earth Impact Structures) database also. Found here:

    On a side-note: the nearest part of civilisation I could find to the ‘Kebira’ crater is about 140 km south-west of the place. In the Sahara that probably is a days travel. Not many a people come across that place, probably.

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