KML support to be built into NASA World WInd

Following up on the post of the release of the latest version of KMLImporter for NASA World Wind, author ShockFire writes in:

Yesterday it has also been decided that KMLImporter will be included in WorldWind v1.3.4, so I’ll likely release several updates soon to reach a final (stable) version before the release.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our HTML of geobrowsers. It was as good as given before, but now it’s official: The three largest geobrowsers — ESRI ArcGIS Explorer (upcoming), NASA World Wind and of course Google Earth will all have KML support by mid-year, including support for network links. For the sake of the child nodes, let’s hope these implementations all treat KML the same way.

One thought on “KML support to be built into NASA World WInd”

  1. The most important thing here (for me) is the ability of these other browsers to support network links and the full KML styling model.

    Partial network link support (for instance, periodically retreiving the data) is ok, but for bounds-based network links it is not adequate.

    I hadn’t heard that AGX will be supporting network links; that’s a good thing.

    My main worry is that we’re going to run into the same problems that we had with HTML during the browser wars: partial support, nonstandard tags, and headaches for content authors. I _really_ hope that Google decides that they should move to GML rather than continuing to develop their own markup language.


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