KML in a Thai book, ArcGIS 9.2, GDrive

  • The second book about Google Earth to get published is in Thai. (The first was in German.)
  • James Fee points to a list of new features for ArcGIS 9.2, the upcoming upgrade to ESRI’s GIS platform that has GIS pros in the closed beta straining to stifle their evident enthusiasm. It lists support for KML, and it will do so by outsourcing the task to Safe Software’s FME 2006 engine. KML support is also listed for ArcGIS 3D Analyst, an ArcGIS Desktop extension. The latter should result in plenty of 3D cylinders popping up on Google Earth to depict all manner of data. Or one can hope:-)
  • The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google may introduce an online storage service called GDrive, citing speaking notes from an analyst meeting. Says the WSJ, ‘Google is moving toward being able to “store 100% of user data,” the notes indicate, citing, “emails, Web history, pictures, bookmarks” as a few examples.’ And publicly accessible KML/KMZ files too, perhaps?