Google down?

At least from Sweden, Google appears to be down, with no access to Google Earth’s servers, Google Search, Google Maps and Google Adsense. Anyone else seeing the same? All other sites work from here.

As a result, all web apps using Google Local’s API are down too, of course:-) Did somebody just write something about the vulnerability of mashups?

[Update 13:52 UTC: Belgium gets Google fine, so it must be a Swedish thing.]

[Update 14:35 UTC: Back up. Comments confirm something was amiss.]

[Update 14:56 UTC: Not back up for everyone in Sweden, though. Writes a Swedish hacker friend: “From what I can see it seems like a routing problem to some of the servers and nameservers. For example ns1, n3, and ns4 are not responding while is… Considering that it seems to work in other countries it’s most likely a routing problem.”]

11 thoughts on “Google down?”

  1. Yupp, down for me as well, i run my own DNS servers and started diagnostics when i couldn’t reach google. Everything else is fine but anything google, including and are unavailable from Sweden.

    Works fine from Denmark

  2. all google is down, .com., .ie, weird!!!!!!!!!!

    anyone else see this

  3. It’s down for me too, although some people are saying it’s working fine. I think it’s affecting different areas or countries. Very strange.

  4. Google is down in the UK too…! At least here in London. Noooooooo can only describe my response.

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