Friday morning quick links

>, which lets you use Google Earth find hotels, has a press release out touting its increasing popularity. The site gets an average of 1 million page views a day, according to the press release, though it’s not clear if this number includes refreshes of its network links. The company behind Earthbooker, GlobeAssistant, continues to refer to a “patented technique” for the coding delivering its network links — considering the time it takes to get an actual patent, I suspect that is more marketingese than a term of art. If it isn’t I’d love to find a reference (I have looked).

> A $40 GPS logger that outputs to a KML file on an SD memory card, via Make blog. Unfortunately, it’s $75 short of actually working. I want this in my next iPod.

> Tim Beerman of Interactive Earth walks us through the minutiae of building an open-source Shapefile-to-KML converter.