Converters: KMLImporter for NASA World Wind, GoogleEarthTweaker for

  • ShockFire of Shock’s News Network posts a new version of his (her?) KMLImporter for NASA World Wind, which now works for periodically updating network links (he says — and I need a PC to check such things).

    While we’re on the topic, Geography 2.0 points to World Wind’s development road map: By next month, we should see some cool new features that will keep Google Earth on its toes. And by October, multiplatform support through in-browser viewing! In other words, NASA World Wind should be running on my Mac using Java before the year is out.

  • Le Blogue du CFM de Guadalajara finds another GPX-to-KML converter, GoogleEarthTweaker. Drag and drop “pocket queries” into it, and get nice KML back.

3 thoughts on “Converters: KMLImporter for NASA World Wind, GoogleEarthTweaker for”

  1. Does anyone know of a tool similar to GoogleEarthTweaker for the Mac? Thanks!

  2. Does anyone know if there is a map layer for Nasa World Wind that contains roads and highways?

    Are there any maplayers available or is World Wind just aerial and satelite images?

  3. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what the strange explosion type things are in the pools of water in the golf course to the north west of the centre of Guadalajara? Reflected fireworks perhaps? Fountains? Anyone?

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