Attack of the mutant SketchUp appliances


A food processor threatens Boulder


Blender (KMZ) to the rescue. (What?)

I have no CAD skills. I can’t draw. Fortunately SketchUp has all sorts of predefined components you can download and mutilate. Scale them up, export them to Google Earth (like so), and you have your instant dadaist horror montage. This is ridiculously easy. Bad, but easy.

(BTW, SketchUp supports materials. I wonder if this means we can expect support for surface mapping in Google Earth soon.)

3 thoughts on “Attack of the mutant SketchUp appliances”

  1. Very funny Stefan…

    With regards to materials – until Google Earth supports texture maps on imported 3D models, we won’t get to see the cool materials. It’s too bad, because supporting texture maps would really open the door to realistic 3D models in GE.

  2. By the way, thanks for adding to my vocabulary. I had never heard the word “dadaist” before. A lookup at supplied the answer (my art knowledge is weak I guess).

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