Virtual planet of the apes

The Jane Goodall Institute’s new Gombe Chimpanzee Blog posts its entries exclusively to Google Earth. The action takes place in western Tanzania, on the densely forested slopes facing Lake Tanganyika.


Remarkably, over seven months after the launch of Google Earth, this is the first blog I know of to jump in at the deep end in this way. You can certainly make the case that when it comes to blogging a creature as territorial as the chimpanzee, where the action happens is a crucial piece of context. (Via Googlers’ Blogs)

One thought on “Virtual planet of the apes”

  1. Wow! Dr. Goodall and her GIS staff were the keynote at last year’s ESRI conference. What happened to Managing Our World with ArcGIS? I guess they’re looking to reach the widest possible audience I guess from their migration to publicly display information in KML.

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