News flow

> RoboGeo, a geocoder for photos, sees an upgrade to v3.2, adding the ability to write location data to the EXIF headers of Adobe’s DNG digital negative format.

> One way for smaller linguistic groups to even the playing field is to release their own toponomies for Google Earth. Case in point: Irish and English place names, separated, for Ireland. (qv. the tactics of a Catalan a few weeks ago.) (Via)

> Londonist discovers Digitally Distributed Environments, calls it their “new favourite blog”.

> Film buff Mark Allen locates 11 of his favorite film locations in Google Earth, and meticulously details where each shot was filmed. Absolutely fascinating — I had no idea Blow Up was filmed in London’s Maryon Park, for example, I only wish he’d given us the KML files instead of the coordinates. Another reason to adopt the gref attribute for anchor tags.

> HSA shows off screenshots (alas no actual KML files) of a product that manages boat traffic in the Great Barrier Reef using Google Earth. (Via Connotea’s GIS bookmarks)

> All Points Blog catches a description of the Google Earth team in action in Time Magazine, and also calls Wired magazine on a GIS rookie error.

> adds “emotion” maps from areas outside London — Siena, Rotterdam, and a spot in Finland. If only this project used input that looked less like random numbers and more like real data.