Meta post

Ogle Earth is undergoing some design tweaks, so please excuse the rougher edges today and tomorrow. Behind it all lies a more modular system that should make it easier for me to keep the content on the right fresher. If you’re reading this in a news reader, come on over and have a look.

The look is pre-emptively optimised for Internet Explorer 7 and other browsers that can show transparent PNG files, while still looking okay in Internet Explorer 6. For now, Firefox is where it’s at.

On the to-do list: A linklist to non-English sites (which I’ve promised to several), A feed of GIS-tagged Connotea bookmarks, more social browsing linkage, an OPML reading list, and an anti-spam comment solution. Trackbacks could not be saved and had to be taken out the back and shot.

[Update 18.08 UTC: And I forgot to add: Some kind of categorization solution that works. Unfortunately, I am no fan of tags, but I might have to be.]