Google Earth & Fiat launch Winter Olympics competition

This one I hadn’t seen coming: Google Earth and Fiat are cobranding a competition that highlights the Turin Winter Olympics. You register via a slick site, and are then given a network link to download. This takes you to the Olympic area around Turin in Google Earth, which now boasts upgraded high resolution images.

Your task: Pick one of the dots on the map ÇƒÓ any dot will do (it’s not exactly a skills-based competition.) The four people whose dots prove closest to the hidden treasure by the end of the contest will win a New Fiat Sedici 4×4. As the cars cost $20,000 and the competition takes 3 minutes, this one is a no brainer.

While you’re surfing around Turin, why not take advantage of a KML file marking all Olympic venues, posted to Google Earth Community by Gommunity.

(PS. A preference for truth in advertising compells me to note that this competition is not “the first contest that lets you look down on the world from on high.” Don’t forget Adidas.)


[Update 2006-02-02: 00:12 UTC: Heh. From the small print: “The Fiat Sedici can be awarded as a prize to contest winners in the following countries: Italy, France, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Spain.”]

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  1. I think you need to offer this car to any winners across the globe, especially the U.S.!!!

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