Ogle this: 3D screen grabs

This is precious, if geeky: Developers at Eyebeam have come up with a way of capturing 3D objects from mainstream 3D Windows applications (like Half Life and World of Warcraft) and then reusing these data objects, either in Google Earth, 3D printers, or in 3D manipulation applications like Maya. The software package that does this is called OGLE (OpenGL Extractor) and the website highlighting the technology likens the process to making a 3D screen grab.

secondlife-mid.jpgVisit the site and you’ll find a Second Life avatar transposed onto Google Earth’s Manhattan San Francisco(?), where it is playing Godzilla.

It can only be a matter of weeks (?) before somebody ports King Kong’s likeness to Google Earth’s Empire State Building as a KML file. Right?

(Oh, and somebody was wondering if there is a way of capturing objects from Google Earth’s own 3D buildings layer. The answer to that turns out to be Yes.)

(Via Make via Virtually Yours)

One thought on “Ogle this: 3D screen grabs”

  1. Junk software:

    The OpenGl Extractor, in conjunction with the “Eyebeam” solution, is one of those ‘half-ass’ programs that barely/rarely work, and require a relatively distracting set-up and maintainance.

    Don’t bother writing Eyebeam either, if they even bother to respond, you’ll be treated like a fool if you ask them why it barely works. (Shoot the messenger/duck the issue type attitude.)

    It’s a sloppy compile, barely works, and only on about 10% of the systems we tried it on. (We’re being generous!)

    It also has a very suspicious function… more on this when we know (or care) more.

    There’s much better “real” software out there for ripping Google Earth… and more coming very soon. Seek and you shall find.

    3D Ripper DX works much better for this, and they actually answer support questions and Emails without a condescending “We’re smarter than you idiots” tone, or “you must be a moron if you can’t get this to work… it works great for us!”

    Blender can also do this… (the process is much more straightforward) and again their support is also professional and in depth.

    Additionally, I’m aware of at least two programs in the pipeline which will make this junk software a non-issue.

    Eyebeam/OGLE: Should stick to feverishly making their little “Dungeons and dragons” nerd figure toys, and leave the real development to someone who knows how to actually write an app that works as advertised every time, for everyone, not just 3% and “everyone else must be a moron”.

    (What reality/reliability do you expect from the “foam sword and dragon” crowd??! haha)

    I’d love to be able to start a whole blog just to pat myself on the back, for doing 3% work!!! Must be nice!


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