New improved GPS Visualizer

GPS Visualizer, the web app that lets you convert GPS data files to Google Earth KML while adding lots of customization, just got better. Writes Adam Schneider:

GPS Visualizer can now draw Google Earth tracks that are colorized by altitude, speed, etc. Unfortunately, GE only lets you assign one color to each placemark, so I have to do it by breaking the track into hundreds of individual placemarks collected in a folder — but it’s actually not too bad. (In Google Maps, doing the same thing is terrible.)

That should produce some stunning results for anyone who hang glides, hikes, or drives. You can even colorize according to your heart rate (!).

2 thoughts on “New improved GPS Visualizer”

  1. To be fair, obviously the heart rate colorization only works for the few files that contain that data! (Garmin Forerunner files are the only ones that come to mind; Timex Trainer files contain HR data, but in an odd list that doesn’t quite line up with the geographic data, so I haven’t worked that out yet.)

  2. I love ideas! like this. And have just planned a Kentucky river canoe-ing trip that I would like to post on the web as well. Does anyone know how to post live our GPS tracks. Is there anyway to connect the GPS to a cellphone and upload it automatically? Or, is there a way to email our coordinates to our contact person and have them post it? I’ve yet to find a website/application that will let you manually input the coordinates OR have a I figured out how to update live (or at least everynight when we are within cellphone coverage) our placemarks, tracks, etc. Is there anybody can help me?

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