Change of pace at Ogle Earth

In an effort to avoid duplication, to make the use of my time more efficient and because the pace of Google Earth news has subsided somewhat recently, I’m instituting a new posting regime here at Ogle Earth.

I will only post items that have not already been covered by Google Earth Blog and Planet Geospatial, excellent sources both. If you don’t already monitor them, I recommend that you do. The only exception to this regime will be for major news, such as version updates and major data updates, or if I can add value through my own commentary.

I will be awaiting news about:

Google Earth coming out of Beta

The Mac and Linux versions of Google Earth

Closer integration with the traditional browser

Revolutionary or unexpected new uses of Google Earth

Worthy competitors (specifically, ESRI ArcGIS Explorer)

I expect that when any of these triggers are reached, we’ll experience a new burst of innovation worth following closely.

In sum, expect a lighter posting schedule, though with more original content.

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