Tagzania links individual placemarks to Google Earth

Cool! Tagzania has just granted my very own feature request — a link to Google Earth for individual placemarks.

This means that, for example, a place that I’ve marked on a Google Map via Tagzania is now accessible via Google Maps, Google Earth, MSN Virual Earth, Multimap, Mapquest and as a search in GeoURL. (And you can even paste the placemark, map and all, into any website you like.)

Previously, Tagzania places were only viewable in Google Earth as part of a user’s complete set of items for a particular tag or user. Now there is granular control, which makes Tagzania very much the del.icio.us of places. I just keep my places there, tag them, and let the user decide how to view them.

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  1. Always nice compliments to Tagzania at this blog… We’ve decided to offically appoint you Tagzanian Ambassador to Sweden.

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