Google Middle Earth

Excellent: Google Middle Earth (Beta)


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  1. Google Introduces Google Middle Earth

    The Toque – Canadian Humour, Parody, & Satire – Google Introduces Google Middle Earth

    Following in the Elven footsteps of Google Earth, “the globe that fits inside your PC”, comes Google Middle Earth, the new lord of the satellite im…

  2. The spanish site “” has announced a Middle-earth map with Google Maps API:

    Using the Google Maps API, the map of Middle-Earth drawn by Christopher Tolkien and the power of the “Fenopaedia” (Elfenomeno online encyclopedia), now you can travel from Hobbiton to Mordor, from Rivendel to Erebor, with a simple click of your mouse, that activates an Ajax query, “painting” a file for each entry. Take a look!

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