Google (Earth) is hiring again

Google is looking for a Google Earth client software engineer for the Win32 platform. Intriguingly, “familiarity with QT is a plus.” Intriguing because that either refers to Apple’s QuickTime, or else Trolltech’s Qt, the crossplatform GUI application development toolkit for X11, Mac, Linux and Windows.

(Posted earlier today to Simply Hired)

5 thoughts on “Google (Earth) is hiring again”

  1. Since I see not specific Macintosh requirements in the description, I’d guess it has no bearing on how quickly a Mac clients is completed.

  2. The whole point of choosing the QT development environment and API is that they can, as they say in their “Other Platforms” hint on the download page, hope to release for Linux and Mac as soon as possible.

    QT can’t support the graphics rendering so I would hazard a guess they’ll standardise on an OpenGL library optimized for each platform and GE.

    Of course, if it’d have been me I’d have gone with Java… maybe they need to go have a word now they’re in bed together :)

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