AmberCore improves Google Earth support

Previously mentioned as an example of pro authoring tools maneuvering to make sure they can produce KML output, AmberCore continues to add KML features to their fancy Amber IQ software, now at version 2.6. From the press release:

Amber iQ 2.6 enhances its already strong support of the widely popular Google Earth application by allowing users to export both vector and raster data generated in Amber iQ to the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) format. Interactive support continues to accelerate allowing users to specify KML database fields accessible in Google Earth.

“Our work with Google compatibility continues to be driven by customers demanding to integrate Google Earth into their daily work flow,” said Martin Sendyk, President and CEO of AmberCore. “For example, we have developed the ability to automate the creation of maps in KML format. This really highlights our competitive advantage – the ability to quickly develop tools for customers on a robust and reliable platform.”