Track the Götheborg sailing ship in Google Earth

One of the world’s largest wooden sailing ships is also the newest. The Swedish ship G√∂theborg is a replica of a ship that sailed the trade routes from Europe to Asia over 250 years ago. A few weeks ago, after sea trials, it set sail from Gothenburg on a two-year voyage that will retrace the route of its predecessor. You can read more about the G√∂theborg here, or visit its website here.

Here is what the planned route looks like:


Now Andreas Petterson has created a script that does something quite clever: It scrapes the ships’s “blogbook” for coordinates on a daily basis, which it then uses to update a network link that contains the exact route of the G√∂theborg so far. Andreas also uses the coordinates to take a daily screenshot of the position as seen in Google Earth, which he then posts online. You can get the link and see the screenshot on this page.

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  1. also has a feed for sailboats with blogs. loading the feed will show the positions of many boats around the world, with links to their latest blog post. This is pretty cool for anyone dreaming to escape the cube and sail off around the world. the feed can be found at

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