Thinking laterally, again.

How to make an Anaglyph with Google Earth. It always perks me up when someone does something completely new with Google Earth.


(One of the first cool things done with Google Earth was stereograms, back in July. I then wished aloud for stereograms as a built-in Google Earth feature, so that we could fly in stereo, albeit with our eyes screwed up. But a built-in anaglyph feature, which more powerful PCs surely can handle, would give us a fully fledged Google Earth 3D, just like in the movies. Just like in Snow Crash, in fact…)

[PS: I am outsourcing Wilma coverage to Google Earth Blog and The Map Room. Me, I’m working on getting Bloggforum 3 up to speed. If you’re around Stockholm November 19, do stop by. The new event site should be live in the next 24 hours.]

2 thoughts on “Thinking laterally, again.”

  1. As someone who was doing helmet mounted 3D displays for NASA at the time “Snow Crash” was written, I can assure you Neal Stepheson had in mind a more sophisticated display than red/blue anaglyphs. Each eye had an individually projected high-resolution true color display in the goggles. (The ones we had at NASA in 1990-92 timeframe were kinda low-res – 640×480. But, the 3D effect was still quite good).

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