Why Google hired Vint Cerf

Vint Cerf, who co-developed TCP/IP, was hired to be Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist. But what does that mean? If you hear CNET tell it, it’s because Cerf believes the location-based navigation of information is the next big thing. Or so CNET gathers from an interview they had with him back in July.

Techweb also talked to Cerf recently and they came away with the same impression:

Among Cerf’s interests today is mobile communications, both textual and through images. As a result, he’s particularly interested in Google Earth, a desktop application that provides satellite images and overlaid roadmaps for many locations in the world.

“I’m now persuaded that geographically indexed databases are going to be extremely valuable over time for people who are in mobile operations,” Cerf said.

Google should get Cerf to blog.

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  1. Good write-up Stefan! I had also been impressed by Vint’s remarks in the CNET article. I agree that geographically indexed information is going to be an important new trend in the IT industry. I believe time-based indexing will also be critical (and can be applied to geographical indexing as well).

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