Tageo supports Google Earth

After posting about the global place directory Tageo three weeks ago, I emailed them and suggested they add a link to an automatically generated KML placemark for each location in their database. They said they were looking into it. Today, I happened by there and noticed that now you get exactly that.

Suddenly, Tageo rocks as an ancillary to Google Earth: 2,667,417 coordinate pairs to go look up, a very forgiving search function (if it doesn’t get a direct hit, it makes clever suggestions) and a linked list of nearby places. I’m adding it to Ogle Earth’s list of essential tools.

One thought on “Tageo supports Google Earth”

  1. Another placename search site with lat/lon is Nona.net http://nona.net/features/map/

    As for getting KML location for places in Nona.net, a workaround:

    1. Nona.net has each placed geolocated with the GeoURL ICBM code placed in the HTML.

    2. There is a Tagzania bookmarklet for GeoURL. You may use it to save the location at your Tagzania account.

    3. Your Tagzania account has a KML file associated.

    Complicated, perhaps.

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