Mapdex’s big bang

My only problem with reporting on Mapdex is that I already used superlatives describing them last time, so I am a little at a loss for words for the three posts they published today. Just the facts, then:

You can now search for services and layers by spatial location.

Mapdex publishes the code for converting ArcIMS to KML (using Cold Fusion).

And the clincher, Mapdex is now fully integrated with Google Earth. Every layer and service; even WMS layers. There are even unexpected bonuses, like pretty icons, displays of raw metadata for services, and a history page, so “you can see how a mapservice has evolved over time.”

All this has happened much faster than expected.

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  1. Mapdex Grows

    Many have noted the value of, a website that allows searching for geospatial Web services, specifically ArcIMS ones. Recently two sets of goodies were added: the ability to search via geographic location (via text, e.g., address) and the abilit

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