India & Google Earth, cont.

From a thread on Bharat Rakshak, an Indian military site and forum, it would appear that:

[Times of India] today has published another article quoting IAF [Indian Air Force]/ DRDO [Defence Research & Development Organisation]/ ISRO [Indian Space Research Organisation] saying that google earth is not viewed as a security threat and they have long been aware of satellite surveillance and taken appropriate measures. moreover the forces say its a static old imagery and has no operational value at present time. when asked about the Viraat, a officer said “ship is mobile, here that day, gone today”

A wonderful reaction.

But this hasn’t stopped Indian blogger Hakuna Matata from posting that the “Government of India announced inquiry, as result of this google earth site may be get blocked if order by government.”

Sure. That would be quite ironic — the only people in the world who would not be able to see Indian military bases would then be the Indian people themselves. Hakuna Matata is yet another Indian blogger that maintains you can’t see the White House in Google Earth in order to make some point about double standards. So, if I may,


This kind of posting is what gives blogging a bad name.

Here is another reaction from an Indian blogger, on What Harsh want to say, and here is a rather sensationalist Times of India follow-up story (at the bottom of the post).

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  1. Google Earth och Aftonbladet

    Nu hoppar Aftonbladet också på drevet kring Google Earth och dess hàgupplàsta bilder. Allting kretsar kring en diskussion som fàrdes fàr ett par veckor sedan och som Stefan Geens Ogle Earth redan tagit upp och stuckit hål på.

    Vad som âr riktigt illa…

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