EarthCache no more

One of the earliest network link hacks to hit the web was Andy Fowler’s EarthCache KML link, a php script that displayed the nearest geocaches for a view, from the database.

This month,’s owners, Groundspeak, asked Andy to put an end to the link, possibly because they will be offering a similar service to paying customers soon. He isn’t happy about it, but he stops serving the script, though his source code is now up for anyone to take and run on their own servers.

Websites mostly own their content, and thus can restrict access via the terms of use, but when the content is user-contributed, then I think you can make an ethical case for not restricting access to it. Instead, use RSS and KML feeds to drive traffic to the site, where you can upsell community services and cool new products (like the travelbug).

2 thoughts on “EarthCache no more”

  1. Owners of Stifle Innovation

    This is the second time I’ve seen owner’s Groundspeak stifle innovation and very useful enhancements. Ogle Earth just wrote about this earlier today. Last month I wrote an article about Geocaching Google Earth showing a very powerful scr…

  2. Google Earth Hack Takedown

    It wasnÌt Google that asked Andy Fowler to take down his layer that showed the nearest geocaches, it was GroundSpeak, the folks behind ItÌs not clear why they asked him to do so, though a similar service from GroundSpeak for paying members

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