Current volcanic activity as a network link

Via Declan at Connotea, current volcanic activity around the globe as a live network link, courtesy of Volcano World.

2 thoughts on “Current volcanic activity as a network link”

  1. As far as I can tell, the “this week’s updates” KMZ file is not a live network link. In fact, it appears to be a folder saved from someone’s “Temporary Files” folder. Am I missing something? Can you confirm?

  2. Sorry, you are right, technically it’s not a ready-made network link, but as I am assuming that the URL will stay the same from week to week (, you can use that to roll your own network link. Here’s how.

    1. Copy the above URL

    2. Go to Add > Network Link in Google Earth

    3. Paste the URL into the LOcation field

    4. Click OK.

    This way, every time you start up Google Earth, the application will download a fresh copy of the contents at that URL. As long as the name of the file stays the same, you’ll always have the latest data.

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