A2E, meet KHC

Matthew Hampton writes in:

I am a GIS analyst/cartographer and am very interested in the translation of GIS data into GE. The forthcoming A2E script looks very promising, but presently it looks as though the “KML Home Companion” script is coming along as well. I don’t know if A2E is going to cost money but KHC (or KMLHC?) is open source. [Jim Cser] just released v2.0 and finally supports re-projections.

Thanks Matthew for the heads up. I see James Fee also has a post up on this. Unfortunately, given the complete absence of ESRI’s ArcGIS 9 on my desktop, this is the point at which the pros take over.

(Request: Any chance some of you could showcase some of your more fancy work in ArcGIS, exported using these tools? Just so we can get an appreciation of what GIS professionals do?)