Pixagogo adds Google Earth support

Pixagogo adds a KML feed next to its RSS feed for labels, containing all the latest photos for that label, ready for viewing in Google Earth.

What you really need to do to get this to work properly is: Grab the URL of a particular label’s KML feed, go to Google Earth, add a network link, and then paste the URL into the source field. If you just click on the KML feed link in your browser, you will open a static file.

What Pixagogo (and several other sites) could do is offer up a ready-made KMZ network link file that links to the feed, rather than just the feed. This makes subscribing simpler and easier.

3 thoughts on “Pixagogo adds Google Earth support”

  1. Hi, I’m new to this but when I click on the Google Earth button on e.g. this page Google Earth opens automatically and starts zooming in on the photos. I do not get a static html page.

  2. Indeed, you get a KML file that gets saved to your local hard drive, where it is no longer updated. If you use a network link instead, you get to download the file at regular intervals direct from Pixagogo, so you always get the most up-to-date pictures.

    If you’re familiar with RSS, the analogy is very simple. Save an RSS feed to your local drive, and you have a snapshot of that feed, which doesn’t automatically update. If you want to have access to the live feed, you need to add a subscription to your newsreader. A Google Earth network link is the equivalent of that subscription.

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