Ogle Earth: Wrong wrong wrong!

Blogs, who reads them? Seriously, all they do is get stuff wrong. Look at this Ogle Earth post on converting WMS data to KML using PHP, for example — Wrong wrong wrong. As Chris Tweedle points out (on a blog, granted), the PHP he produced doesn’t need to reside on the WMS server — it can sit on your own server, and then all you need to do is point a network link to it. The PHP code does the WMS getmap request for you and then returns the result as KML. (I’ll try this with the Atlas of Canada tonight.)

And then this clearly speculative Ogle Earth post about how Microsoft should respond to Google, written with the intent of garnering objections, has now been turned into “a big rumor,” sourced to a certain mysterious “GLE Earth” blog.

Bad blogs. Behave.