MyGuestmap exports to Google Earth

MyGuestmap makes your cute website even cuter using Google Maps. Herval Freire in Brazil manages all the back-end work for you and then serves you a map on your site where visitors can pin their location, a link and/or a message.

Here is one I just made. Feel free to play with it.

But that’s not why I’m mentioning MyGuestmap; Ogle Earth focuses on Google Earth, not Maps. (If you want a mention on Ogle Earth, please bear this in mind:-) I’m mentioning MyGuestmap because now you can also view your guests’ scribblings in Google Earth — it’s in alpha still, and not yet packaged as a dynamic network link, but this is a neat innovation, because it provides a location-aware commenting function viewable from inside Google Earth. Using Google Earth, you’ll also be able to subscribe to all your friends’ MyGuestmaps, or monitor many of your own simultaneously. Try that with a conventional browser.