Google Maps Explorer

Google Maps Explorer is the latest entry in a now crowded field of sightseeing sites, but this one has some great things going for it: Clean design, clever use of categories for easy navigation, the ability to subscribe to individual categories via RSS feeds, sorting by popularity and date, the ability to view the results of searches and categories on an inline Google Map, and the ability to add comments to existing locations. Very nicely executed! Comes with support for Nasa World Wind, Google Maps and Earth, and MSN Virtual Earth. This will definitely keep the other sightseeing sites on their toes.

3 thoughts on “Google Maps Explorer”

  1. Looks interesting, but I don’t see anything on the site about World Wind integration. I’m still looking for a way to view contour maps with Google Earth, and will be interested in seeing how World Wind meshes with it.

  2. It’s a nice site. Categorization resembles tagging. There’s a sensible category on the first page: TEMPORARY. Many of the things that we spot with Google Maps/Earth are obviously temporary: a plane flying there, for instance. On the long term, when imagery gets renewed, what will happen to those dozens of curious images being bookmarked now? they will be forgotten? Perhaps something like Google Maps Explorer may function as an directory of marvelous things (images) past.

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