Geobloggers puts Virtual Earth to shame

The new Google Maps-based Geobloggers site is out. My God.

Maps bleeding to the edge? Check.

Floating draggable, resizable interactive windows? Check.

Its own API for hacking? Check.

Savable Searches? Check.

Dynamic drop-down menus? Check.

Translucent status messages? Check.

(And, er, works wonderfully with Safari once you click on the + in the Search Results? Check.)

All this seems to vindicate the Google Strategy that if you build the infrastructure, they will come and build the scratch pads for you.

And Google Earth support is now well ingrained. (Feature suggestion: In Map Tools, my favorite new feature is the ability to pick a country and then a city from a list to be whisked there automatically. That’s incredibly useful. I’d love it for there also to be a “Fly to Google” button there, as this kind of augmented browsing isn’t currently available in Google Earth.)

I’m stunned.

3 thoughts on “Geobloggers puts Virtual Earth to shame”

  1. Dont forget the ability to put geotags to your photos in flickr in Geobloggers, it¨•s very easy, perhaps the best way to do it logging your account in Flickr you put show account and add geotags.

    Sorry for my English I¨•m from Spain. Your blog is great¨∞¨∞¨∞.

  2. Wow! Fantastic! This is a great example of exactly what Google was trying to accomplish but releasing the API. Not only do the “customers” do all the work, but they give Google ideas as well! Very very nice.

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