Geepster, proof of concept

Podbat reports on the work he’s been doing on Geepster. It’s not ready yet, but he’s got some examples you can look at.

What is it? Podbat eventually wants to let Geepster users import trails they’ve made with GPS-capable PocketPCs into Google Maps, and then annotate them with points of interest (which can link to photos, mp3s or video, etc.) He calls the result “geofeeds”.

While other social mapping sites already let you place, annotate and share points of interest, the core innovation with Geepster is that Podbat has devised a way of translating the raw GPS trail info on the PocketPC into XML that he can use with the Google Maps API.

And since so far anything on Google Maps has proven convertible into a Google Earth layer, I see no reason why Geepster should not also eventually be capable of letting you subscribe to a lovely KML network link containing a user’s latest geofeeds of walks or guided tours. And you wouldn’t even need the Plus version of Google Earth.