Brave New Earth

Google Earth is proving to be many things to many people – mapping tool, information browser, game board, learning tool for history and geography… But it is also exciting futurologists for its potential as a mirror world – a shared digital space that is virtually inhabited by users.

Jerry Paffendorf will be looking at Google Earth in just this context in his presentation “Brave New Virtual Worlds” at the World Futures Studies Federation 2005 conference in Budapest in the coming week.

One thought on “Brave New Earth”

  1. Great find! I’m trying to encourage video bloggers to geotag their videos in using the “geovlogged” tag. I can’t wait until tagging media is easier. The next generation may be able to relive a person’s past by both time and exact location. Words, photos, audio, videos… I’ll get a hard drive surgically installed on my back! We need more people talking about this new virtual world. Thanks yet again Ogle!

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