Unlike conventional sightseeing sites, Sprol focuses on the worst Google Earth has to offer. That’s because Sprol is an environmentally activist site documenting man-made disasters, with eyecandy courtesy of Google Earth.

It’s the kind of site that Google Earth (and Maps) is perfect for, and the kind of site that presages what geography homework will start to look like come August, when the new schoolyear starts in the northern Hemisphere. (Geography teachers with access to PCs and broadband that do not incorporate Google Earth in next year’s curriculum are being borderline incompetent, IMHO.)

But Sprol, why only go half-way? Your posts should be accompanied by a KML download file of the Google Earth views that you show, so that we can all immerse ourselves fully even as we read the context.

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  1. I completely agree – do you know if it is possible to dynamically generate the KML file from a php page given the lat/long coordinates? I’d like to have a KML file for all the Sprols at once, as well as one for each article.

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