Holy Grails

If I didn’t need sleep, I’d be spending more time on these two Google Earth holy grails:

1) Write a plugin or Greasemonkey script that automatically detects whether a web page being viewed in a browser has geoURLs of some sort in its header, and if it does, to make Google Earth fly there (in the background, if possible). [Note to self: Learn Javascript]

2) Use Brad Choate’s Key Values plugin to allow Movable Type blog posts to contain geoURL data, which are then placed in the page’s html header, but which is additionally output as a KMZ feed alongside the RSS feed, so that Google Earth users can read network-linked blogs geographically, rather than sequentially (which is the RSS way).

The idea being that geographic proximity is far more important to us social animals than we might have let on this past decade, infatuated as we were with the newness of the web URL.

(Yes, I’m posting this in the hope that somebody will beat me to it.)

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