gets a dynamic network link now also has a dynamically updated network link of its placemarks on Google Earth nearest your point of view. (direct link). They call it the Globe Assistant.

In an email, Erwin Nikkels at adds:

Also a Weblog function is integrated where you can leave your reactions about a spot. The next version of Globe Assistant may also be used to connect 3rd party databases (like real estate etc) to GoogleEarth.

I think Erwin is on to something here, if by that he means a future revenue stream. Most dynamic network links so far include a URL to a web page with the picture/link/wikipedia entry, and on those pages there sometimes are ads (often Google ads, natch). But just as RSS feeds have started carrying posts that in fact are ads, there is nothing that stops KML files from containing sponsored placemarks.

The challenge then becomes getting as wide as possible a distribution of your dynamic network link, so that more people see your sponsored placemarks. You can do this the hard way, by getting people to download your link, or you can try to see if it might not be included as a default layer in the Google Earth application. I wonder, however, if in the latter case, Google might not want something in return for the distribution of your moneymaking placemarks. After all, why should Google give anyone a free lunch? Ah, it’s a brave new world (for advertising).

BTW, I love how all manner of serendipity happens when I’m surfing the Earth with all my network links turned on. The more the merrier, I say.

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