Google Earth stereograms


Now that’s what I call lateral thinking: Flickrer Genista has posted stereograms made using Google Earth.

Loading up the larger size, sitting back and screwing up my eyes worked like a charm for me.

This suddenly made me wish stereograms were an option in the Google Earth app proper, so that you could turn these static stereoscopic images into real live video as you browse the world…

4 thoughts on “Google Earth stereograms”

  1. Hey, thanks for blogging that. I agree, that would be a cool feature, and I don’t know what the proper channels of communication are, but I used the generic Google feedback to ask them about it. Maybe someone’ll read it.

    A geeky fringe coincidence is that Kenneth Ogle was a famous researcher (well, famous within the community) of stereo vision, so Ogle Earth would actually be an almost perfect name for the stereo version.

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