Short News: SketchUp Pro forum: Don’t mess with us!

  • An unsuspecting SketchUp Free user accidentally ventures onto the SketchUp Pro forum. All hell breaks loose (in a teacUp).
  • The Washington Post covers the freeing of SketchUp, with quotes from [email protected] founder Brad Schell. (WaPo seems to think the company Google bought was called SketchUp. Snigger.)
  • Fabrizio Pivari: Google Earth internet artist: “I think, I’m the first worldwide artist that uses Google Earth for internet installations.” Wrong:-)
  • Same Fabrizio Pivari asks in the SketchUp Google Group: “Where can I find a 3D alphabet?” I was wondering that myself. For Windows, Anim8or is suggested as a free tool. For the Mac, there is Cheetah3d at $99, though it may be a bit of an (impressive) overkill. Anyone know of a free Mac alternative?
  • The Irish get an early lead with their 3D Warehouse contributions. Here’s Howth harbour, and here is what must be the world’s fastest-constructed SketchUp model, Dublin Spire.

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